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SOKS Volunteers Help Spay and Neuter 73 Cats in May 2023

This May was a record month for SOKS! We spayed and neutered 73 cats in Stockton. It would not have been possible without our amazing volunteers. Each of them puts in energy, time, and lots of love to take care of feral and stray kitties in our city.

Last spring was extremely challenging because of a high number of kittens born and found all over the town. SOKS volunteers had to really step up the game!

I wanted to recognize our youngest volunteers Lyndsey and Kelsea who took care of two small kittens. Barbara has been with us the longest and is our emergency short-term foster. Asia, Pamela and Neomi also foster cats for SOKS. Elizabeth is a trapper and foster, plus she helps with anything else we might need.

I am also grateful to Tammy, our adoption coordinator and trapper, and to Dana who is always a dependable driver. Jennifer and Jessica work with other non-profits but are always ready to help whenever asked. Josie helps me with computer stuff and gathering data, and recently she has been sawing covers for cat traps. Sylwia manages content on the website and creates our event fliers.

A special shout-out to Caitlin who is absolutely crucial to our mission. She takes care of newborn kittens and bottle-feeds them every two hours. That is a lot of work! In my eyes, Caitlin is a SOKS hero.

I am so grateful for our trappers, fosters, drivers, admin helpers, the staff at spay /neuter clinics working with us, and local businesses who hosted our adoption events. You are invaluable to fulfilling SOKS mission!


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