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From Buddy to Brody, How a One-eyed Feral Cat Found a New Life

This is a happy story about a one-eyed kitty that some of you might know from photos on our website.

Exactly one year ago we trapped a very sick, feral cat. We named him Buddy. As a result of an untreated upper respitarory infection (URI) one of his eyes was very badly infected. When we took Buddy to get neutered, we found out that his eye had to be removed. The vet told us, however, that the cat was very mellow and that with a lot of attention and love he could probably be tamed. Well, we decided to give him a chance.

During his recovery and taming process, Buddy stayed at my house for a few months. Slowly we witnessed how he started to trust humans. I still remember his first purr, his first play with a toy, and his shy approaches toward my hand to get a little rub. 

Buddy turned out to be a very sweet cat and he even became friends with my chichuachua. My time with him was precious and intersting. While helping him recover, I learned from him patience and gentleness. Buddy showed me how a broken cat can get a new start and begin a new life with only one eye.

After four months, Buddy was ready to go into the world. But before I could even put up his profile on Adopt-A-Pet, a dear friend of mine told me that her daughter would like to adopt a special needs cat. What a lucky coincidence! I knew that family and I was sure that Buddy won a lottery. It was wonderful news.

Our lucky rescue joined a family of four humans and three cats. His new family loved him from the moment of meeting him. They gave him a new name, Brody. They spoil and love him and he is very affectionate in return, especially towards the head of the family. Brody loves to sleep in his lap.

But let me tell you, even with only one eye, Brody is quite a mischevious character! He loves to eat, so as soon as he finishes his food he gets into the other cats' bowls. What's more, he jumps on the counter and steels food from the people!

This is such a happy end for a once homeless and sick feral cat, and I am so glad we gave him a chance to find a good and safe life.


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