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Not All Rescues Are Happy Stories

This time, I would like to tell you about Bobo, a blind three-month old kitten.

Bobo lived with his cat mama in a small green area in the middle of a busy parking lot. A kind lady, who worked nearby, found them there and started feeding them. But her employer was not happy about it, so she contacted SOKS for help.

When we saw Bobo, we suspected that he was blind, but we did not know whether it was permanent. Together with the kind lady, we spent five hours trapping mama and her kitten.

Once trapped, mama cat got spayed and relocated to a safe place, and Bobo came home with me. A wonderful local rescue agreed to take care of Bobo’s medical needs and we scheduled a vet visit to assess his eyes.

Bobo spent seven days with me. He did great and had a good appetite. He had his own little enclosure behind my kitchen, next to a big garden window full of green plants. He spent time playing, exploring nooks in my kitchen, or lying on the windowsill, listening to birds and smelling the fresh air.

All seemed well until one morning.

When I woke up, I went to say good morning to Bobo. I noticed that his food was not eaten over the night which was unusual. Bobo was laying down; he had no energy, and his little body was cool to my touch. A quick visit to a vet’s did not help nor gave us any answers why a happy kitten turned for the worse so suddenly. Despite all the efforts to bring him back, Bobo went over the rainbow that day.

I will really miss little Bobo sitting on my lap and purring ...

I want to thank Diane, Marian, and the West Lane Veterinary Hospital for all the care and support.


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