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Should You Play Asian Handicap or European Handicap? Understanding to Choose the Right Bet

Should you play Asian Handicap or European Handicap? This question that many newcomers often wonder about will be answered in the following information. Starting with basic knowledge yellow card betting tips will undoubtedly help you achieve easier victories. Let's explore the question Should you play Asian Handicap or European Handicap? With Wintips.

Brief Understanding of Asian Handicap and European Handicap

Before answering the question of whether to play Asian Handicap or European Handicap, players need to understand the overview of these two types of bets to make an informed choice.

a/ Asian Handicap

Asian Handicap, also known as handicap or Handicap, is a type of bet introduced to create balance when two teams are unevenly matched in terms of skill.

Bookmakers will display this type of bet on the odds board with a handicap ratio.

The stronger team (upper door) gives a handicap to the weaker team (lower door) by this ratio.

Players will bet on the team with a higher chance of winning based on the bookmaker's handicap ratio.

Currently, this is also the type of bet with the most diverse odds, such as even odds, half-ball handicap (0.25), three-quarter handicap (0.75), one-ball handicap, etc.

b/ European Handicap

European Handicap often appears on the odds board with the symbol 1 x 2 commonly used by bookmakers.

This type of bet only requires players to place bets on one of the three outcomes: win, draw, or lose for either the first half or the entire match.

Players do not need to pay attention to the exact score of the match and complicated handicap ratios like Asian Handicap.

If the outcome of the match matches the placed bet, then naturally, you will win and receive winnings according to the corresponding ratio.

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Should you play Asian handicap or European handicap? Understanding all the information and experiences in betting above, you must have grasped the essence of these two basic types of bets. But should you play Asian handicap or European handicap? Do you know?

To find the exact answer whether to play Asian handicap or European handicap, consider several factors to determine which type of bet helps most bettors achieve victory:

Diversity in betting options:

In terms of diversity in betting options, Asian handicap surely brings more excitement to bettors when they're gambling. Thanks to the handicap ratio factor provided by bookmakers, Asian handicap allows players more choices.

When opting for European handicap betting, players can only choose one of the three betting options to predict whether the home team wins, draws, or loses. Regardless of the chosen betting option, players still need to analyze the match. However, for bettors who seek challenging bets to assert themselves, European handicap seems somewhat monotonous.

=> If you're torn between playing Asian handicap or European handicap in this scenario, handicap betting will be much more enticing.

Comparison of approach to betting:

As a novice, understanding different types of bets is essential. However, with the handicap ratio and multiple betting options, Asian handicap may seem more challenging to approach. Should you play Asian handicap or European handicap?

To win without relying heavily on luck, bettors need to accurately understand the significance of the handicap ratio and the outcome in various cases. Approaching European handicap seems easier, as players only need to predict the match result and choose one of the three betting options.

Novices must truly comprehend various betting options to place effective Asian handicap bets. Therefore, European handicap is easier to play initially due to the simpler approach.

Which bet has a higher probability of winning?

When pondering whether to choose Asian handicap or European handicap, undoubtedly, you're also considering the probability of winning.

In terms of this factor alone, Asian handicap with a 50% chance of winning holds a significant advantage over European handicap, which offers a 33.33% chance of winning.

As a novice, you might be deceived by the high odds of European handicap bets offered by most bookmakers. However, for matches with predictable outcomes, the winning odds tend to be very low.

=> With these factors considered, both types of bets have their own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, the answer to the dilemma of whether to play Asian handicap or European handicap depends on each bettor. Regardless of the chosen bet, thorough research and analysis are essential for achieving victory.

The question of whether to play Asian handicap or European handicap has undoubtedly been thoroughly answered in the football tips app content. It's best to choose the type of bet that you understand the best and find a truly reputable source to place your bets.


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