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I am proud to let you know that SOKS spayed/neutered 36 cats in Stockton in March. This is our new record!

As you know, TNR (trap-neuter-return) is our preferred approach to managing feline populations in Stockton neighborhoods. I wanted to share with you what one of our March TNR events looked like.


A group of SOKS volunteers usually goes out in the evening. We have special traps (see pictures) where cats can be captured and safely transported. They get food and water until 9 pm before the day when we take them to a veterinary clinic in the morning. Over night, the traps are covered with blankets to keep the cats calm and warm.

(Click on the arrow on the right to see more photos)


On March 31, we took 10 cats to a vet in Sacramento. During a visit, the animals also received a health check and, if needed, medical treatment. For instance, one of them needed an antibiotic shot because of an eye infection.


After the cats recover from their surgeries, we will take them back to the same place where they were trapped. This way they can return to a familiar place and their feline families.

Please, watch the video below where I explain more about TNR.

TNR is a very effective and humane method but it needs resources such as volunteers, traps, food, and funds for veterinary procedures. Visit SOKS Support Us page to find out how you can help.

InSeason Market and Nursery in Stockton hosted a second successful SOKS event on Saturday, March 25. We are so thankful to Julie and Eric for teaming up with us to find good forever homes for adult kitties.

This time, SOKS brought seven wonderful, mature cats to InSeason. Four of them got adopted! Those were: Piper, Logan Berry (now called Jazzo), Mathilda, and Blacky. Thank you for adopting!

The community really turned up on March 25. Many people came to meet the kitties, shop in the nursery or just to talk to SOKS volunteers. We love answering your questions about cat care or explaining why TNR is the best way to maintain feline populations in our neighborhoods.

We hope to see many new faces at our next adoption events. Mark your calendars for April 22 and May 13. Both events will be at Carter's Pet Mart, from 11 am to 3 pm.

Thank you everyone who came out to Puffy’s Thrift Mercantile on the Miracle Mile where we held our "Hearts For Cats" adoption event on February 11. It was great to see our community and supporters!

We adopted only one beautiful, mature cat, but you can always visit SOKS page on Adopt-A-Pet website to view the cats in need of a forever-home.

Thank you to our hosts, Grace and Rob, for supporting SOKS and allowing us to hold the adoption at Puffy's. Our warmest gratitude also extends to the wonderful volunteers and new donors who came to the event.

Please, keep supporting SOKS during our February 2023 fundraiser. Learn more and donate on the Hearts For Cats Fundraiser page.

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