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We were out late near the University of Pacific attempting to trap a few feral/ stray cats and were successfully able to trap 5 cats and a skunk. We did release the skunk back to the wild and took the cats to be spayed and neutered. We had also trapped abandoned cat that has already been fixed and we release it.

Ewa's interest in helping feral and stray cats began when she noticed a feral cat colony in her neighborhood in Stockton.

Knowing that she cannot act alone, she started a fundraiser. With help from her friends, she managed to spay and neuter 30 cats, found homes for 9 kittens and fostered one adult female cat.

Healthier Cats Happier Neighbors

Ewa believes that by implementing TNR (Trap- Neuter-Release) approach, we can control growth of feral cat colonies while preventing spread of diseases and minimizing negative behaviors such as mating noises, fights and spraying.

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