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Volunteer Spotlight

To volunteers bringing next to a van full of cat traps.
Elizabeth and Ewa with a van full of kitties on the way to a vet clinic.

Elizabeth knows a lot about cat and dog rescues and about people. She helps not only animals but fellow humans, too. Most of all, she is invaluable to SOKS as an experienced and devoted TNR trapper.

There are many examples of the wonderful support Elizabeth brings to our organization. I would like to share one such story.

Last winter, we heard from a lady who was about to lose her home and had to move out. She had three female cats she could not take with her. Because her cats were adults, it was not easy to find them new families.

Thanks to Elizabeth's persistence and care, we were able to vaccinate, spay and adopt out all three kitties! She found them new, loving families and good homes in the Bay Area. Although the process took six months, she never gave up.

Elizabeth, thank you for all you do for our community!


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